Nail it,
then scale it.

The official brand guidelines for stwentyfive


The stwentyfive logo is one of our most important core brand identity elements. Consistent placement, sizing, clearspace and color usage, our logo remains recognisable on any surface it's presented on.

We have two primary logos available, one rendered in black and another in white.

Our logo is composed of the ‘Plus Jakarta Sans’ typeface, albeit with slight modifications. It is advisable to exercise caution if attempting to reproduce it solely through text. We recommend utilizing the PNG or SVG versions made available further down.

The black rendition of our logo is intended for implementation on light backgrounds, such as our website, while the white variation is optimized for deployment on darker backgrounds, such as our newsletters.

Logo Clearspace

When placing the logo, it's important that it's given enough space from the margins and other elements on the surface it's presented on. The clearspace principle derives from the size of our initial.

Logo Sizing

Our logo is designed to work at all sizes. The minimum logo size is set to a height of 15px, ensuring proper legibility. There is no set maximum size. If you go big, always remember to follow the rules of clearspace.

Logo Color

The stwentyfive logo should primarily be used with a black, white, or transparent background. The secondary logo can be used with a combination of colors based on our gradients.

Logo on Photography

When applying our logo on photography, always ensure enough contrast between logo and image to make it clear, crisp and legible.

Logo Placement

Our logo placement system is simple and clear, yet flexible enough to accommodate various content. You can decide for yourself which sizing works best, as long as it's a minimum of 15px. When placing the logo, strictly adhere to one of the alignments below.

SoMe Logo

Our social media avatar is designed to stand out on any social media platform. Since it's almost always associated with our username, it's permitted to use the first three letters of our name, creating a strong and recognizable brand mark. When not framed within a profile picture box, the current rules for clear space still apply.